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The Apple Difference

Philanthropic Activities:

Apple Homecare Medical Supply is actively involved in philanthropic opportunities in the community, including the Children's Miracle Network and Ward Foley.  We have established a variety of programs to help our patients including providing additional equipment for high acuity patients to prevent emergency visits, temporary supplies for under or uninsured patients, and charity events to raise money and awareness for active and local groups. 

Replacement Tube Program:

As an added benefit to Apple HMS patients, we offer a courtesy feeding tube replacement program. This program provides peace of mind that in an emergency, there will be a brand new backup feeding tube available. This program prevents unnecessary ER visits, as well as reduces interference with the patient's feeding schedule. 

Emergency Supply Program:

Apple Homecare Medical Supply also provides back-up supplies for emergency use. Upon intake, we assess patient needs and may provide extra backup supplies in order to minimize supply gaps after hours. This program assures peace of mind, because our patients are never without the necessary items needed. 

Apple Care Coordinators:

The Apple Care Coordinators on staff will work with you throughout each step in the ordering process to make sure it is smooth and that your product is delivered on time. If something comes up with the referral source or the insurance provider, the Care Coordinator works on your behalf to solve the problem right away and keep the process moving smoothly. 

Customer Service Staffing:

Simply put, Apple Homecare Medical Supply puts a priority on customer service, employing a significantly larger team of clinicians and technicians dedicated to making sure our patients are well taken care of. We want to out-serve our competition, not just out-sell them. 

Door-to-Door Service:

For many of our orders, Apple HMS delivers the product directly, and discreetly, to your doorstep. Our drivers are professional and courteous. We are committed to growing this door-to-door service over the coming months in order to serve more of our customers directly. Call for more information. 

Always Available:

Apple offers 24-hour emergency on-call service, 7 days a week. 

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