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Adrian - Apple Pick of the Month

Our son Adrian Xavier was born at 23 weeks and 1 day weighing 1 lb. 7.2 oz. The journey was one we will always remember. The seconds felt like hours being in the NICU with all the many challenges we faced day to day. Though doctors, specialists, and nurses would tell me bad news, I never once lost my faith and stood firm on God's word. Of course, I looked like a stubborn parent who would not accept what they said. I always told them my son is coming home because God told me so. I didn't look so stubborn after the day we finally discharged! One scripture I told myself daily was to walk by faith not by sight. Our son came home at 11 months and has been thriving ever since. You can look at him and wouldn't even know that this little boy has been through many challenges in his life. He is one tough little warrior.

Adrian has a trach to help him breathe while his body continues to grow strong and big. It does not stop him or us from living a normal life. We enjoy life each day with laughter, happiness, so much love and lots of play time. Adrian's favorite thing to do is cuddle; he loves to be held and snuggle up with mommy and daddy. He also loves to watch cartoons and listen to country music.

Some of the challenges we face are milestones being met. Since Adrian was born a micro preemie, he is behind on meeting milestones but is determined to meet them and is accomplishing so much since being home.

Being born extremely early was the first thing Adrian overcame. He fought every single day. He went under many surgeries and procedures and was stronger every time. Everything about our son amazes us. His determination to meet his milestones, and his determination to show the world he's a strong little warrior.

As Adrian’s mom I have been able to experience a life completely different in this world. I am proud to be my little warrior’s mama. He taught his mama to be strong, he taught me how to advocate to the fullest for him, and he has taught me to enjoy this life in a whole new way. He makes me and his dad so happy. His smile lights up the room. I can never express with words how much our son means to us and how proud we are to be Adrian's parents. He brings us so much joy and happiness that we didn't even know we needed.

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