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The AIRVO 2 is a humidifier with an integrated flow generator that delivers high flow warmed and humidified air to spontaneously breathing patients through a variety of patient interfaces. The Optiflow Nasal Interface covers the nostrils, leaving the mouth unobstructed, while the Tracheostomy Interface connects directly to a tracheostomy tube.

A high flow system can deliver very accurate oxygen concentrations. The heated, humidified high flow nasal cannula can deliver up to 100% heated and humidified oxygen at a maximum flow from 10-60 LPM via nasal cannula or direct connect for trach patients.

AIRVO 2 system features:

• Flow rates: 10 - 60 LPM

• Precise FiO2 delivery: 21% to 80%

• Optimal humidity delivery

• Integrated oxygen mixing

• Inbuilt oxygen sensor

• No probes or external air supply required


• Junior mode: 2-25 LPM at 34 degrees Celsius

• Adult mode: 10-60 LPM from 34-37 degrees Celsius

The AIRVO 2 also has an auto dry-cleaning mode. This procedure takes about 99 minutes and when finished the machine turns OFF by itself. This feature is convenient for parents and nurses, as they don’t need to set a timer to turn the AIRVO off. Make sure the patient is disconnected from the machine during this procedure as temperature will increase significantly.

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