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Chris - Apple Pick of the Month

Chris was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy on July 25, 1996 when he was six years old. He had presented issues before, such as being a late walker. His calf muscles were abnormally large and he walked with the muscular dystrophy gait, but he went to school and had help getting around. In the 3rd grade Chris got a bad cold and was no longer able to stand on his own. After this, he was wheelchair bound.

Chris has always been a ray of sunshine. His happy smile is always a source of joy. He absolutely loves sports and can spend hours watching the sports channel. If he did not have muscular dystrophy, he would probably be active in as many sports as possible. He also loves video games, but can no longer play like he used to.

The real challenges for Chris and our family started three years ago. He was hospitalized for close to two months due to aspirating after a swallow study and came home on a vent and feeding tube. That quickly became our new normal. Toileting, scheduling nurses, and feedings - so much to learn! Apple Medical has been a great blessing to us. We would be lost without their knowledge, expertise, and help. Chris has had to overcome so much, including anxiety due to his fear of falling because he cannot control any part of his body.

What amazes me is Chris's ability to remain positive, even if he can't scratch his nose on his own. He gets great pleasure in his family and from watching the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. Chris's smile might be harder to find, but it is still there.

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