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How to Take Care of The Caregiver at Thanksgiving

Updated: May 3, 2018

Tips to For a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend time with loved ones and give thanks and spend quality time together. For many people Thanksgiving is one of their favorite holidays, but it can also be stressful for the hosts and in some families, for caregivers.

So, why not make it a little easier to enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving that everyone will enjoy? Here are a few tips to help make this Thanksgiving memorable and enjoyable for the people that put in so much effort day in and day out.

Plan Ahead

What can you do to make this holiday easier? If you don’t know, ask. Talk to the caregiver and find out if there are certain foods to either avoid or ensure you have easily available. Can the caregiver and patient easily get into your home (is it wheelchair accessible)? Making a plan to ease the difficulties that may arise from traveling to a holiday party or hosting a party can ease most pain points.

Show Your Thanks

You don’t only have to say that you are thankful for the caregiver in the family, show them! Use this opportunity to let them know you appreciate all their hard work by letting them sit down and relax and maybe even get a little bit pampered.

Offer Your Help

If the family member with needs is at your gathering, offer to look after them. It doesn’t have to be all night, but even an hour that allows the caregiver to concentrate on themselves and enjoy family time will go a long way.

Hire Help

If you can, hire a homecare worker to help out for the night and let everyone concentrate on family time.

The best thing you can do is to remember that the holidays are about spending time together and having fun. You don’t need a lavish Thanksgiving or make it perfect. Focus on your family and how you can show them that you love them and that you are looking out for their health and well-being.

Happy Holidays!

Apple HMS

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