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Jessica & Rosie - Apple Pick of the Month

Sweet Jessica Johnson is a 34-year-old young lady from Center, Texas. Jessica was born with cerebral palsy, and was adopted at 9 months old by the Johnson family. Over the years, Jessica has had many health struggles but has persevered through it all. She is now on a vent and is doing well.

Jessica is blind but does see some light and she enjoys calming and soothing lights from light projection toys. Although she is unable to get out a lot, Jessica does enjoy listening to music. She also loves to be talked to, even though she is unable to talk back, but if she could, she would have a lot of cool and awesome stuff to talk about! Her daily nurses love Jessica so much!

Jessica’s younger sister, Miss Rosemary Johnson, is 28 years old. Rosie, as we call her, has Down syndrome and she was also adopted at a young age by the Johnson family. She is non-verbal but she is able to express herself through facial expressions. Rosie has the most beautiful smile ever!

Rosie’s absolute favorite thing to do is color. She colors beautifully and she would rather do that than anything else! Rosie also loves to listen to music and watch cartoons like Dora, Frozen, Moana, and Beauty & the Beast, just to name a few. Rosie enjoys going to church on Sundays and Wednesdays with her family and she loves to be around the other kids at church. Rosie’s favorite foods are pizza, french fries and fried chicken!

Jessica and Rosie have the best family in the world who love them and take superb care of them!

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