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Kassandra - Apple Pick of the Month

Kassandra’s journey started on July 4, 2015, when she came into this world not knowing the struggle she would have to overcome in her young life. She was born with Pierre Robins Sequence, one of the main issues of which is airway obstruction (difficulty breathing on her own). Mom and Dad were against having a trach placed in and we tried everything in the world, but with no luck she failed and was still needing to work hard to breathe. After we found out that one of her procedures did not work, we decided to have her trach’d. The fear of not hearing my daughter cry out or make any noise was the scariest part of it all; however, on November 24, 2015, she had her surgery to place the trach in. Shortly after that we met Mr. Dave from Apple Homecare Medical Supply, who trained us on how to use the LTV-1150.

This journey has not been all roses and has had so many twist and turns, road bumps and days of just crying. We’ve had our fair shares of ER visits and hospital stays. The scariest one was last year with RSV. Fast forward to February 2019, Kassandra finally went decannulated! Believe me there were times I never thought I would see this day but seeing the strength of my daughter gave me the strength to make it through each day.

What can I say about this company? I think this journey would be so different if we did not have this amazing company with us every step of the way. The customer service is beyond outstanding and whenever I needed something, they were there.

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