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Layla - Apple Pick of the Month

Layla Stout is an 8-year-old girl who has a great personality and a big heart! Layla loves to play ball and be outside. Some of her favorites are baseball, football, and basketball.

Layla lives with in Waco, Texas with her grandma. She has had to overcome many illnesses, and she is one of the strongest little girls you'll ever meet! It can be hard for her to stay healthy, and she has had a rough journey over the last four years. Layla amazes her grandma with her unwavering trust in her many doctors and nurses to do what needs to be done.

When it comes to physical therapy, Layla is an enthusiastic and hard worker. Whenever our Apple respiratory therapists come by for a visit, she loves to talk and show us how well she can lift her hand weights!

Layla's grandma says that even though we never know what we are going to face day by day, Layla always brings her joy with her spirit about life. Though Layla can get sick very quickly, she still stays strong to overcome her challenges. She loves to dance, and even if she feels bad she will be dancing if she hears music.

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