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Masimo Rad-8 Pulse Oximeter

A pulse oximeter is a device that indirectly monitors the oxygen saturation of a patient’s blood and changes in blood volume in the skin. As opposed to drawing a blood sample, pulse oximeters use wavelengths of light to take measurements by placing a sensor on the patient’s fingertip, or even across the foot.

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The Masimo Rad-8 Pulse Oximeter is most commonly ordered to monitor oxygen levels for treatment of patients with respiratory issues, prematurity, or even to monitor heartrate in patients with heart conditions.

Masimo Rad-8 Features

> Simple, easy to use interface with one touch programming and large LED color display

> Compact, lightweight design for use in acute and alternate care settings, including long term care facilities, homecare, and sleep labs

> Sleep Mode easily configures system to perform bedside studies, with 2-second averaging

> Home Mode configures system for monitoring and trending at home

> Signal IQ® (SIQ) indicator identifies conditions of low measurement confidence

> Up to 7 hours of internal battery life when fully charged

> 72 hours of trending memory

> Available in horizontal and vertical configurations

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