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Shiley Tracheostomy Tube Recall

Regarding the recall of specific lots of Medtronic Shiley Tracheostomy Tubes: We are currently reviewing our records to verify whether any of our past shipments contained an item included in the Shiley recall, as the recall includes some units that were produced as far back as April 2021. We are reaching out directly to all impacted patients who may have received a recalled item to discuss the issue and schedule a replacement.

We have thoroughly reviewed all of our current stock and none of our current inventory has been impacted. Monthly shipments will continue as expected with no anticipated disruptions.

About the recall

This voluntary recall is for specific production lots of Shiley Adult Flexible Tracheostomy Tubes. In some instances, the affected device connector is not making a secure connection with the 15mm cap and other 15mm circuit components and accessories due to a manufacturing error. Apple HMS is replacing items included in this recall. We are directly contacting all customers in our records who may have received a recalled unit, but you can also review the recalled lot numbers below and compare them to your current stock to make sure you do not have a recalled unit.

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