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Moira - Apple Pick of the Month

Let me introduce you to a bona fide miracle - Moira Padgett.  She was born on Ft. Hood, the daughter of a soldier and his wife. She has a big brother who started kindergarten a couple of weeks after she was born. Moira was an adorable baby, but when she was 6 months old, she wasn’t meeting the regular physical milestones for babies. She had had symptoms of problems with her muscles, so the doctor sent her for tests.

Moira ended up diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA, Type 1.  It’s a genetic condition that causes most of the motor neurons in her spine to die, and basically interrupts the communication between her brain and her muscles. The miracle is that most people who are diagnosed with SMA Type 1 usually only live 2 to 4 years; in July, Moira will be celebrating her 23rd birthday! 

Moira is a wonderful, smart, fun and caring person who loves music and movies, going shopping and to church, and feeding the ducks at the big pond in our town. She likes to play tricks on her nurses with the alarms on her ventilator and pulse oximeter and laughs when she gets them to fall for it. She also just loves her little nephew and loves to give him presents. 

Moira can’t speak clearly, so some people assume that her mind is affected and that she doesn’t understand things.  She tries to be patient with those people, but sometimes she just rolls her eyes and ignores them, and her mom has to remind her that she shouldn’t be rude. She graduated from high school with her class in 2015, and even led them into the arena. So that’s the story of Moira Padgett, a real living miracle and a beautiful person, and a grateful patient of Apple Homecare Medical Supply!

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