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National Safety Month in 2020

Every year in June, we take some time to brush up on our safety knowledge for National Safety Month. Most years we are focused on how to prevent work related injuries, but of course this year is different with the entire world trying to figure out the best way to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of our staff at Apple HMS have been practicing extra safety measures since March. We have deployed the majority of our staff to work remotely for the last twelve or so weeks, and for those who do need to come into the office we have implemented policies such as wearing a mask any time a person steps away from their desk, placing hand sanitizer stations at every entrance into the office, distributing Lysol wipes to every employee, and constructing barriers at our warehouse work stations to enforce social distancing.

Our clinical staff has also upped their safety game. We have limited our physical contact with patients as much as possible by making no-contact deliveries and pickups whenever feasible. If we do need to enter a patient’s home, our staff is fully equipped with N95 masks, gloves, gowns, and shoe covers. When we pick up equipment from a patient’s home, it is put into a biohazard bag and thoroughly cleaned in our ultraviolet light disinfector or with disposable disinfecting wipes.

Apple HMS is dedicated to keeping health and safety as a top priority – for our patients as much as our own employees. As a DME provider, we know we have a responsibility to keep our operations running smoothly and safely for patients who depend on our reliable service, especially in times like right now.

For National Safety Month this year, try to take some time to think about how you will protect your own health and safety through this summer. Wear a mask, and make sure it covers your nose. Continue to keep social distancing, even though you may have friends or family who aren’t as vigilant. Keep a pulse on your mental well-being and consider dipping your toes into yoga or mindfulness exercises, as social distancing can also take a toll on personal health. Consider how your perspective on safety may change even after this pandemic is over and we get back to “normal.” Until then, allow yourself to adequately rest physically, mentally and emotionally each day. Every new day is a gift, even during a pandemic!

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