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Nebulizer Care

Spring time is coming up and that means allergy season is coming too! Here are some things that you can do to maintain your nebulizer parts and accessories.

Do not use nebulizer masks longer than recommended, even if they seem fine. Regular child and adult nebulizer masks are meant to be used for up to 6 months. Plastics degrade over time and your treatment benefits may decrease with a mask used longer than directed.

Clean the outside of the tubing and replace it when recommended.

Replace any part or accessory that appears cracked or worn.

You need to sterilize your nebulizer parts and equipment after each use, so set aside a few extra minutes after each treatment time. Following the manufacturer's cleaning instructions after each use will prevent any remaining medication in the cup from drying out, which can result in the device not nebulizing effectively.

After each treatment:

· Wash your hands thoroughly.

· Disassemble the nebulizer.

· Rinse the mask or mouthpiece with warm water for at least half a minute, or you may soak all nebulizer parts (except mask, tubing, and compressor) in one part distilled white vinegar/three parts hot water for one hour (do not reuse cleaning solution).

· Do not wash nebulizer tubing or compressor.

· Shake off excess water and place parts on a clean towel for air-drying.

· Reassemble the system and turn on the compressor for a few seconds for drying.

Properly maintaining your nebulizer accessories and parts is essential to your health and safety. To help ensure that your treatments are effective, follow these nebulizer maintenance tips:

· Your nebulizer must be kept clean to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from treatments.

· Parts and accessories should not be left unprotected, especially when small children or pets are in the home. Some of the components (especially the smaller ones) may be considered safety hazards for small children or pets.

· Do not leave your nebulizer compressor, parts, or accessories near liquid.

· Unplug the nebulizer unit when not in use.

· Make sure all parts and accessories are clean and completely dry after use.

· Place accessories and parts in a clean plastic zipper bag or the storage bag or container that came with your nebulizer system.

· Designate a safe place to store your nebulizer unit and supplies.

· If the nebulizer is being used by more than one person, keep mouthpieces and tubing separated and labeled to prevent the spread of germs. Plastic containers and zipper bags make it easy to separate accessories.

Always follow manufacturer's instructions for cleaning your nebulizer, parts, and accessories.

Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Clog: If the unit stops working or appears to be clogged, clean the mesh cap or filter according to instructions. The mesh cap should last for up to six months before it needs to be replaced.

Loss of power: If your nebulizer has batteries, whether alkaline or lithium, check to be sure they have power. If the batteries discharge, you might need to use your backup power supply. If you have rechargeable batteries, try charging them up. If that doesn't work, it might be time to replace them.

If your nebulizer seems to slow down or not produce a fine mist after a certain period, it is time to change your nebulizer set. Be sure to change your nebulizer set regularly to ensure you are receiving the most efficient and effective treatment. You receive two nebulizer kits per month from Apple Homecare!

If your nebulizer stops working and you can't figure out why, call Apple Homecare at 866-332-7753!

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