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Noel - Apple Pick of the Month

My name is Francisco Noel, and this is the story of my battle with life itself and how I came out on top. My fight began on June 18, 2021 at 6:20 a.m. when I was born with many diagnoses, 15 to be exact. Some of these were chronic lung disease, prematurity, hypoxemia, omphalocele and many more medical names that are hard to pronounce. Even so I faced the daunting battle ahead and marched forward.

baby Noel in the NICU

This was not an easy task and was truly made possible by the people who cared for me at UMC in Lubbock. They each took my care personally and cared for me like their own. I spent a total of 157 days in their NICU and 60 days in the PICU.

Though my days and nights were long, the doctors and nurses fought as I grew tired and coded a total of 6 times. Each time I was on the brink the staff there would pull me back.

I could feel the love from my mother and father, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and family. They too were fighting alongside me and that made me strong. All the love and prayers that I was being blessed with were showing, and I would show everyone that it wouldn't go to waste.

On Oct 23rd I had two hernia repairs, and on Nov 4th I got to go home! A trach was placed on December 4th, and coincidentally on my uncle's birthday, Aug 17th, I had surgery for the omphalocele and got to take out the noodle (NG) from my nose. I was getting better slowly but surely, and this was just the start for me!

Now I am turning 2 years old this coming June and have started walking, running and driving my mom and dad crazy. There are so many people and groups that have helped me get here such as Apple HMS who gave me the oxygen to breathe, and the physical therapists and occupational therapists who helped me get stronger every day.

For me this is only the beginning, however, there are so many more kids that are barely starting this journey that is life. It is my hope they receive the same blessing and prayers that I have been given!

baby Noel with valentine flowers and ventilator

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1 Comment

Ybba Ocsicnarf
Ybba Ocsicnarf
May 16, 2023

My beautiful baby boy may god condition to bless you each and every day

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