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Reagan - Apple Pick of the Month

Reagan Brown was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1 when she was 7 months old, shortly after moving here from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Because she doesn't have full lung function, getting a cold is ten times worse for her which limits the times of year we can get out and about. It also limits who she can be around, which is why she is a homebound student.

Reagan is very strong willed and has an enormous sense of humor. It's hard to see her want to do things that her siblings or other children do, but can't due to her physical limitations. It amazes me that despite her disability she manages to smile and be happy every day. Her favorite things are her iPad and her brothers.

One big thing Reagan has overcome is her life expectancy; when she was diagnosed, they told me there was a slim chance she would make it to her 2nd birthday, yet here she is! We just celebrated her 9th birthday a few weeks ago.

In December of 2016 a treatment for SMA called Spinraza was approved, and in January of 2017 Reagan was the first child at Children's Hospital to receive the Spinraza treatment.

I consider Reagan to be one of my biggest blessings. She has taught me so much about myself and amazes me every day with her strength.

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