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Sal - Apple Pick of the Month

Salvador Rios IV is an 8-year-old boy from Alice, Texas who has overcome many challenges in his short life. He has conquered right-side weakness and regained most of his body balance, and he has never given up in his effort to try to do things normal kids his age do. Sal has a special connection to music; he loves the piano, even though he doesn’t have one. Every day is a new day for Sal to learn new things, but I wouldn’t call it a struggle even though he doesn’t walk by himself. He wants to be independent and learn how to do things on his own. The main goal for him is to learn to walk.

In the summer of 2018, Sal relapsed with a brain tumor and we were given options as to who to get DME services with. Our Houston RT, Erick, was so awesome! He taught us everything about the vent and Sal’s supplies. Sal has even learned how to set up his vent connections. We learn a lot from Erick and are very pleased with the services provided by Apple.

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