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Sophia - Apple Pick of the Month

Sophia was born after a car accident. She had a hernia in her diaphragm and was immediately intubated and transferred to the ICU where we spent the first 8 months of her life. She was connected to the ECMO machine, got a tracheostomy tube, a g-button and was ventilator dependent. Today Sophia is receiving physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy to help her catch up with everyday life goals; in other words, moving, interacting and even playing all have a little of their own unique challenges.

We are running a mini ICU in our house from g-tube feedings, therapies, nurses, insurance, and every single little aspect that comes with it. As parents we just need someone in our corner to work AND love as much as we do for our daughter. Shannon Easley at Apple HMS is the angel our corner needed. When I’m dealing with life, as complex and unique as we are called to do, she finds the way to be kind and her life is just a blessing to ours. Thanks to Shannon and Apple for being a key part of our team!

When it comes to play time, Sophia loves signing! She can hear but because of the tracheostomy tube she has some speech catch-up to do. Her favorite thing is to find details in her surroundings and let me know by signing “what she can see.” She always gets extra excited for stars and butterflies.

Sophia is a very determined, patient and smart little piece of heaven who is always willing to learn and master new skills. Even when things are not going great and she is pushed to new limits, she doesn't just give up and she always has a smile! Now that is admirable to me, and even as her mother I learn from her every day.

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