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The EnteraLite Infinity Feeding Pump

The EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump by Moog is a compact-portable feeding pump device which gives tube-fed patients the ability to stick to their prescribed feeding regimen while maintaining an active lifestyle. The EnteraLite Infinity is lightweight, weighing in at only one pound, which makes it portable and easily carried in a custom carry bag. It can also operate in any orientation. This versatility allows patients the ability to participate in activities without being held back by their feeding pump.

The pump features three feeding programs: intermittent, bolus and continuous, and can maintain flow rates from 0.1 ml/hr. to 600 ml/hr. It also provides a +/-5% accuracy at any flow rate. The EnteraLite Infinity boasts a 24-hour battery life at 125 ml/hr and is easy to program and operate, which gives caregivers the freedom to tend to other important daily tasks.

The intuitive design and easy-loading cassette make this pump a breeze for anyone to master. The EnteraLite Infinity uses alarms, messages and indicators that display on an easy-to-read screen to aid in operation. It is also washable under running water, as long as it is unplugged and turned off.

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