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The MetaNeb System

Updated: May 3, 2018

respiratory therapy equipment

The MetaNeb system is a piece of respiratory equipment that is provided by Hillrom and is currently only used in the hospital setting.

The MetaNeb provides 3 therapies in 1

  1. Secretion clearance (CHFO) gives continuous pulses of positive pressure that help clear secretions

  2. Lung expansion (CPEP) this pressure holds the airways open

  3. Aerosol therapy

The CHFO and CPEP therapies are alternated during the total therapy time, while the aerosol treatment is given throughout the therapy.

The MetaNeb can be given in-line with a ventilator circuit, mouth piece, face mask, or directly to a trach.

A few examples of patients that would benefit from this therapy are:

  • Cystic Fibrosis patients

  • Patients with decreased lung volumes

  • Patients with respiratory or diaphragm weakness

The Metaneb is a cost effective and clinically effective piece of equipment. By having 3 therapies in 1, it takes up less space at bedside for the patient, allows the patient to receive all therapies in as little as 10 minutes, saves time for the respiratory therapist (by not having to change out therapies), and can save the hospital money by not having to purchase multiple pieces of equipment.

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