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Tiffany - Apple Pick of the Month

Tiffany is a pretty young lady who is very loving and laughs a lot. As a child, Tiffany and her nephew loved to play back and forth together and she would wait for him to come by to pester him!

When she was little, Tiffany loved to finger paint and loved lemons! Her favorite childhood movie is Fantasia, and she loves to watch her colorful northern lights projector. Tiffany graduated high school at 21 years old, and though her dad has passed away she was always a daddy’s girl. She has long, thick hair and will smile through any obstacle. Tiffany loves listening to Christian music and prefers to be at home where she’s comfy.

Tiffany always keeps smiling after 28 years of doctors, hospital procedures, and needles. Most of her life has been spent in and out of the hospital, but she has taken it like a champ. Tiffany always bounces right back to her smiling personality. She doesn’t hold grudges against people, she always just keeps going forward. Tiffany has been the love of her mom’s life. She keeps her mom strong, and she never lets her forget that there is always hope!

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