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Weather Safety: Tornadoes and Loss of Power

With tornado and thunderstorm season underway, it is very important to be prepared in case of an emergency. Make sure you have your supplies prepared before you need them! If the power goes out and you’re prepared the situation will be much easier to handle. Here are some tips to keep in mind before the next storm.

• Try to stay calm.

• Be prepared: know where there is a safe place in your home (inner room with no windows).

• Create a network of family and friends who you could contact for help.

• Keep all equipment plugged in at all times prior to storms.

• If you are in an apartment, have an escape chair to move your child down stairs.

• Keep extra oxygen and batteries for equipment on hand.

• Know the location of more than one facility that could care for your child if you are unable to get to your regular facility.

• Contact your local emergency offices today, many have a list they can add you to letting them know you may need help quickly in times of disaster or power outages.

• Have your child wear a medical alert bracelet to identify medical needs or disabilities.

• Have a disaster supply kit prepared: flashlight, portable battery-operated radio, emergency food and water, blankets, and medicines/medical supplies for 3 to 7 days.

• Keep emergency numbers, emergency instructions, a list of equipment your child needs, medication doses and identification in your emergency bag in case you are separated.

• If you have a service dog store extra emergency food, water, and supplies for it.

• If you need to evacuate, have a plan. Have at least 2 evacuation routes in mind in case trees are down or blocking the road.

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