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Addie Wolfe - Apple Pick of the Month

Addie Wolfe is a seven-year-old girl from Waco, Texas who works hard every single day to live life without limits. Addie was born with genetic differences that caused her to stay in the hospital for the first 10 months of her life. Doctors never thought she would make it home, but she proved them wrong.

Today she’s in a hot pink wheelchair, uses a trach and ventilator, has glasses and a cochlear implant, uses an eye gaze device to help her speak, and battles Hydrocephalus and Epilepsy daily. She takes medicine which helps her, but bad weather days, overworking herself in therapies or school, or concentrating too much can set them off. Epilepsy has stolen much of her abilities to do certain things, but she doesn’t let them steal her joy. We are thankful for the many days she has without them.

When Addie was in the NICU, a doctor told us that she would never walk. Addie has proven that doctor wrong and practices walking in therapy every week! It’s incredible and I’m always amazed at how hard she works. Twice a week Addie works hard with her therapists to build her strength and get better at walking.

Addie is unique in many ways, but what I love most about her is how strong she is. Addie’s disabilities are something she works hard to work with daily alongside a big smile. She LOVES the color pink and getting her hands on as many Jojo Siwa bows as possible!

As a parent, we face the unknown about Addie’s life. A common cold can be detrimental to Addie’s life, so it’s an honor to be able to do as many things as possible with her. Giving Addie a life where she can experience all the joys this world has to offer is such a gift. She loves to play soccer, does cheerleading, and is also a Girl Scout. She even has inspired her mom to write a book series, called Authentically Addie, where she is the main character!

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