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Aerogen Aeroneb

The Aerogen Aeroneb is a vibrating mesh nebulizer. It vibrates 128,000 times per second to produce the optimum particle size for deep effective treatment. It is capable of efficiently treating patients who are mechanically ventilated, as well as patients with severe Asthma.

The Aeroneb can be used repeatedly provided it is being used and cleansed properly. The Aeroneb nebulizer is intended to offer effective dose delivery according to physician prescribed inhalation solutions from infants to adults in both on and off ventilator applications.

The aerosol mask or mouthpiece comes into play when therapy treatment is delivered for an off-ventilator application. The Aeroneb generates a fine particle, low velocity aerosol that allows patients to get the maximum benefit of the medication delivered. The Aeroneb nebulizer is an unparalleled product for being a vibrating mesh nebulizer.

This can be used on ventilator patients, severe asthmatics, and those with COPD using a mouth piece or mask. The battery will last for about 2 hours continuously if fully charged. The nebulizer cup is able to hold 1 vial of medicine at the time.

Aeroneb has 2 modes:

• 30 minutes

• Continuous mode that will last for about 1 hr.

Cleaning method:

Clean the base with disinfecting wipes and rinse the cup with warm water after each use to prevent build up on the mesh that delivers the medication.

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