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Alice - Apple Pick of the Month

Alice Brunson holds a special place in the heart and home of guardian Belinda Snider, aka "Grandma Lindy". Alice, who is nine years old, has cerebral palsy. When she was seven months old, a physician told Belinda that Alice would never be able to hold her head up and that there was no point to participating in physical therapy.

Grandma Lindy believed that Alice just needed a chance, and through love and hard work Alice is now thriving. Alice works with a team of specialists at 1 CP Place in Plano, Texas. She is under the care of Dr. Brunsstom-Hernandez, who is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Jan, as many of her families call her, can relate first-hand to children like Alice: Dr. Jan has cerebral palsy.

Although Alice has dystonia (a movement disorder in which the muscles contract involuntarily, causing repetitive or twisting movements), she is able to run and play like other children her age. She is so active that it's difficult to keep up with her caloric needs.

Alice, who is now able to feed herself independently, was able to discontinue her gastric tube feedings at the age of six. She continues to work with a speech therapist to improve her eating skills.

She experienced a set-back with her nutritional status, however, when she failed to gain weight for an entire year despite having a good appetite and a healthy intake of regular foods. Six months ago she began drinking a supplemental formula called Kate Farms Core Essentials Peptide 1.5 and has gained a healthy 15 pounds!

Apple Homecare is pleased to provide Alice and other children with formulas that keep them growing and thriving. Please click here to learn more about the nutrition and feeding products we offer.

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