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Carlos - Apple Pick of the Month

Carlos is a courteous 20-year-old young man from Chappell Hill, TX who has been on service with Apple HMS since 2018. He is a gamer and loves racing video games!

Carlos was born with respiratory issues and had a trach placed early when he was a baby. It was a difficult journey for him and his family; his mom raised Carlos and his late sister Valeria on her own. It wasn’t easy for Carlos to go to school, but he was determined to finish and has since graduated high school!

Carlos’ next goal is to go to college and become a mechanic. His love for cars started from playing video games and watching movies. Of course, his favorite movies are the Fast & Furious movies.

According to Carlos’ mom, he has always been a very sweet and respectable boy, never giving her any trouble. His Apple respiratory therapists have also been proud to watch him grow into a promising young adult! Carlos had some nice things to say about us as well:

“I really enjoy being a patient for Apple Homecare, they are amazing with all my medical things and the date I need them. If I need any sort of data change on my machine, Apple Homecare are always on it safe and fast. Not only are they great at getting me my needs, but the staff is also amazing. They are always happy to help you and always make sure I have what I need and am satisfied.”

We are so happy to know Carlos and can’t wait to see what’s next for him!

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