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Ideas for Storing Medical Supplies

Updated: May 19, 2022

When you have a steady monthly stream of DME supplies coming into your home, smart storage becomes an important part of keeping everything in order. This month we would like to pass along some storage tips and tricks for keeping all your monthly supplies accessible!

First, when you receive your supplies make sure to open the package so you can check to confirm you’ve received everything expected. If you do notice something is missing from your order, please call Apple HMS so we can quickly correct any mistakes and get the missing item out to you promptly. We do our best to double-check all of our shipments, and if something is missed we want to make it right as soon as possible!

Storage Solutions for Medical Supplies

Taking some time each month to check the inventory of your supplies can do wonders to avoid potential emergencies down the line. But keeping items nicely organized can also make it easier to know what you have on hand without needing to do a full inventory. Some people like using a label maker to mark their bins to keep everything coordinated. Using containers that are see-through can also make it easier to see what you have and where it is. Drawer style bins are a common item you can find at Target, Amazon, and most stores that offer storage supplies, and are handy because they don't take up too much space, and you won’t need to unstack boxes to open any lids. This style of storage cart can also come with wheels if you want to have the option to move it around the room easily. We have seen many patients organize their supplies by use category (respiratory, enteral, adapters etc.) in rolling plastic storage bins with drawers labeled on the outside with the contents.

Another option is modular / stackable storage drawers. Using this style, you can customize the size of your storage area by stacking as many drawers as you need. Look for styles that have grooves on the tops and bottoms to ensure they fit snugly on top of each other, and make sure if you're stacking them high to keep heavier items in the bottom drawers to maintain stability.

One more convenient storage option is an over the door shoe organizer (with open top pockets). These are great for sorting many small items: everything from adaptors, syringes, and other smaller medical supplies are clearly visible and accessible. They also can be found in some fun colors!

If you feel that you are getting overstocked on any items, please let an Apple team member know during your monthly call. We can put a short pause on certain items so you don’t get overwhelmed with storing all the extras. And remember, medical supplies should always be kept in a dry, climate-controlled area (ideally not the garage).

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