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Isaiah - Apple Pick of the Month

Isaiah in bed with his Mickey Mouse

Isaiah is an 11-year-old boy from Waco, Texas who loves Mickey Mouse! Isaiah was born with VACTERL Association and has had over 30 surgeries in his life. We were told he would not survive his care flight to NICU where he had his first surgery at 18 hours old.

Baby Isaiah in the hospital after surgery

He has fought back to overcome the odds many times. In spite of all he has endured, Isaiah continues to amaze me with his smiles and all the joy in his heart. There have been numerous times his doctors wanted to give up on him and put him on palliative care, but he has fought hard to prove them all wrong!

Isaiah is a very sociable person, but he hasn’t been able to attend school in person due to his multiple disabilities so he misses out on making friends his own age and interacting with people outside of our immediate family. My biggest challenge as Isaiah’s parent is trusting in myself to make the right medical decisions regarding his care.

Isaiah meeting Mickey Mouse on his make-a-wish trip to Disney World

Isaiah is the happiest child with such a positive attitude. Everyone who meets him is blown away by how happy and positive he always is. His favorite thing in the world is Mickey Mouse, so for his Make-A-Wish trip he got to go to Disney World just before Covid hit in 2020. It was such an honor and so heartwarming to see his face when he saw the actual Mickey Mouse for the very first time!

My biggest joy is watching him loving and living his life to the fullest despite his limitations!

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