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Little Angel - Apple Pick of the Month

Little Angel is a 3 year old boy from Azle, Texas. His health issues started when he was six months old, and at one year old he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. His diagnosis of SCN8A gene mutation results in altered Nav1.6 channels that stay open longer than usual. The persistently open channels abnormally increase electrical signals, which can lead to excess activation of neurons in the brain. This causes Little Angel to have seizures. He has been through so much in his life, but his family is happy to have him home now that he has a trach and g-button to help keep him healthy.

Little Angel is very smart and active. He has such a fun personality, he's always smiling and flirting with his nurses. The biggest challenge for his family has been getting home health and making sure he had the right people to take care of him. Now that he has everything in place it's been so much easier. His family is so happy to have him home!

Keeping Little Angel healthy and out of the hospital his hard for his mother. With COVID and the cold and flu, it's hard to keep him safe. But Little Angel is strong. He's overcome respiratory failure and battling with his seizures. He has so much to handle and has overcome so much.

As an only child and the youngest grandchild, Little Angel has a big family who loves to spoil him, especially his seven uncles and two aunts. He loves music, and he likes to dance anytime he hears music. He also loves Paw Patrol and sharing smiles with his family. He is so sweet and happy and fun to be around!

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